We have been truly blessed to work with some really wonderful people.  We love helping people with their real estate needs!  The following are some clients and customers who have chosen to say thank you in their own personal ways:  (We so appreciate them!)

I was extremely blessed to be put in touch with Ms. Shirley Smith.  She was instrumental in getting my
house sold via short sale during a time when the housing market was at its worse, and many houses on the market were not selling at all. 
-Tanya Lynch      Jonesboro, Georgia

We were extremely blessed to have found Shirley. She was incredibly knowledgeable, informative and assertive throughout the entire process. She utilized several resources and media outlets to advertise our home. We were pleased with the outcome and the service she provided. We will definitely use Shirley the next time we buy or sell a home.

-Vincente and Brandy, McDonough, Georgia

Shirley helped us to locate and negotiate a large space for our business.  We setup the first Teen Club in Henry county and had to go through lots of red tape to gain acceptance from the community and governmental agencies.  Our contract was  probably a hundred pages.  We are so happy we did not have to go through that contract alone.  Every landlord had a different contract, different pricing, and different requirements, but we were thankful to have the same consultant and agent helping us.  Shirley was able to help us to put together our first business plan which helped us to think through and flesh out a business model that would make sense for this first time business in Henry County.  I didn't expect my realtor to be able to help create a business plan. But her extensive business and corporate experience came in very handy when the landlord demanded a copy of a business plan in addition to all the financial status paperwork. We got our commercial lease taken care of and then called her again for consulting regarding residential property.  She was the first person to come to mind when a friend of mind needed assistance with space for her business and a residential property. We have even referred her to help business owners who are seeking business planning guidance.  She is more than a realtor but a COACH!

-Daniel and Andrea Morrison Locust Grove, Georgia 

Shirley Smith assisted me with selling my home about 3 years ago, as a short sale.  She was very helpful in explaining the process, so I fully understood what to expect.  Our home sold quickly.  And, Shirley was there every step of the way.  I don't know what I would have done without her.  And I will definitely use her in the future.

-Lisa   Alpharetta, Georgia

I recently relocated from Georgia to Nevada. I have conducted real estate transactions in both California and Georgia as a realtor and as an investor.  When I needed a realtor to take care of my personal real estate property in Georgia I asked Shirley because of the integrity and honesty I have observed as she dealt with her clients.  In real estate it is wise to really know your realtor's character.  So, I am a picky person when it comes to my real estate matters.  I certainly recommend her as a knowledgeable person of integrity in both residential and commercial real estate matters. 

-Jesse Ellington Las Vegas, NV.